ATV Quick Checklist #1

Whether you’re brand new to ATV’s or a seasoned rider, there should always be a checklist of items before going out on trail riding or serious mudding!

Some of the primary things you should check for in an ATV Checklist are:

  • Make sure the ATV’s are topped off with gas
    • You won’t be going anywhere without it! They do last many hours on a single tank, but always pack extra!
  • Drive the ATV down the street and check all of the gears
    • The last thing you want is to show up to your destination with an ATV that doesn’t work right!
  • Pack protective gear depending on the type of riding you’re going to do
    • Helmets, padding, clothing – you want to be prepared for the ride!
  • Tow straps and rope
    • No matter what type of riding you’re doing, having something to get you towed out of something will be highly beneficial!

Find out some more of our recommendations in our next blog post!

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